Unconventional Conflict & Intelligence Mgmt System (UCIMS) for Integrated Counter-Insurgency Operations

Homeland Security in the face of growing threat from terrorism, insurgencies and trans-national organized crime syndicates has emerged as a major challenge for many countries. There is a critical need for 'localized' and 'customized' battlefield & intelligence management systems that can enable security agencies to efficiently and decisively respond to unconventional-conflict-like situations arising from these. Addressing this need, Orkash, has launched a first-of-its-kind tactical battlefield and intelligence management system specifically designed to meet the requirements of unconventional and low intensity conflict situations.

ORKASH's Unconventional Conflict and Intelligence Management System (ORKASH-UCIMS) is an enterprise level automated-intelligence and decision-support system built on a network-centric geospatial platform. It enables operational planning, monitoring, intelligence management, and command & control for more advanced and effective tactical response for unconventional conflicts by the police and the para-military agencies. ORKASH-UCIMS is operationally capable of collaborating location based intelligence and operations planning and monitoring to facilitate seamless multi-agency tactical operations. ORKASH-UCIMS is designed to specifically address operational and tactical issues in unconventional conflict situations where a 'daily battle' is fought in 'peaceful' locations under civilian government's overall control.


i) Analyze, plan and carry out protracted police and para-military operations in a counter-insurgency/anti-terrorism/anti-crime role

ii) Planning and execution of tactical operations, response to specific incidents, and providing support for command and control in a multi-agency environment

iii) Track, acquire and analyze intelligence at the operations-theater level for anti-insurgency/anti-terrorism/anti-crime operations pertaining to adversary activities of logistics, communications, military acts, politics and propaganda, demographic support patterns, training and recruitment, and criminal activities such as extortion, kidnapping etc, and activities of front organizations

iv) Plan and execute information campaigns and socio-political campaigns in support of anti-insurgency/anti-terrorism operations


-Integrates advanced intelligence analysis and intelligence management capabilities with operational planning modules in a 3-D terrain based geographic information system

- A fully capable and customizable network- centric command and control system

-Real time capability to monitor and visualize the mobile tactical assets and the data streams from surveillance platforms

-Automated semantic analysis capabilities for unstructured text-data and information

-Seamless pattern analysis, data-mining, OLAP, network-graphs and link-analysis -Geo-spatial geometry based search and visualization of data on maps and satellite imagery

-Displays interactive layers of operational and civilian demographic information on the maps

An integrated and networked information system which can process and identify patterns and trends in intelligence, socio-political forces, demographic dynamics, and operational activities of the adversary Integration with the ground and air surveillance systems Capable of visualization of operational and situational updates Enables collaborative exchange of operational information and commentary simultaneously amongst multiple teams operating from different locations Artificial intelligence based decision-support modules Ability to seamlessly integrate into existing information systems and databases through LAN, WAN and the Internet Open standards based data inter-operatability and exchange capabilities Web2.0 and 'Cloud' ready.

Support Matrix:

Version: 1.0

Web2.0 and 'Cloud' ready

SaaS ready

OS - Linux; Windows Server 2008 and later

Engineered Systems: Oracle Big Data Appliance Ready (BDA)

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