Enterprises face a complex set of threats, challenges and opportunities, requiring decision making in the midst of uncertainties and complexity. They therefore require accurate and timely intelligence that is based on grassroots level data, deep analytics, secure access and collaborative capabilities.

Orkash is the pioneer in advocating intelligence-driven management as the efficiency driver for the pursuit of new opportunities, particularly those in emerging markets where the operating environments typically have a greater degree of uncertainty and complexity.

Orkash provides research, consultancy, knowledge and technology solutions that enables enterprises, be they government, businesses or NGOs, to create and access reliable and timely intelligence for their decision making and operations.

An overview of the cognitive computing Intelligence Platform is given below:

Architecture of ORKASH's big-data Cognitive Intelligence platform

ORKASH's multi-disciplinary technology solutions and products help clients to access quick and effective intelligence for decision making, and to respond to evolving trends and events in real time. These solutions create timely intelligence and visibility of information for optimizing business performance, risk management and decision-making.


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