Senior executives in global corporates are required to negotiate a sensitive balance between under-preparedness and over reaction for facing the increasingly wide ranges of risks that businesses typically face. Orkash's unique approach to operational risk management generates sophisticated options and insights for companies to negotiate these challenges.

We support the senior leadership of companies to execute the complex decision-making requirements associated with the impact of risks on their governance models, business operations and stakeholders.

Our risk management solutions provide an integrated platform for monitoring and management of operational risk. These solutions incorporate automated data fusion capabilities across multiple channels, including OSINT and social media sources of information and contingency planning mechanisms.

In addition, our field intelligence services focus on primary source grass-root intelligence collection process. We also use automated web-intelligence collection engines, data mining, and qualitative research methodologies for the BI engines built into our solutions. These inputs are then mapped for risk-triggers and decision-points using advanced tools such as scenario gaming, real options, and game theory.


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