Security Risk Management

One of our flagship technology product, SRM (Security Risk Management) is a web based Geographic Information System (GIS)-embedded intelligence and operational risk management  platform. It is designed as an integrated decision support solution for meeting the diverse requirements of the security function in international corporates.

SRM enables companies to proactively generate intelligence, and monitor, plan and manage their ecosystem for ensuring safety and security of critical assets like people, facilities, mobile assets, supply chains and corporate reputation. Additionally, SRM helps to seamlessly embed security processes and ownership across all major functions in a global company or organisation.

It is an integrated platform to manage all the modern day diverse security functions and intelligence needs that corporate security managers require.

Modules of this technology entail :

Risk Intelligence, Situational Awareness & Threat Assessment::

Real time manual and automated monitoring of risk related events at a global level, and trend analysis with predictive risk intelligence -everything in simple visualizations on an interactive map.

SRM's crawler modules retrieve information from tens of thousands of qualified internet sources and social media networks which is then analyzed and contextualized automatically by its automated Artificial Intelligence engines to provide near real time intelligence.

The platform with pre-configured dashboards, graphs, tables and charts can interpret short-term and long-term security trends and threats, be it terrorism, crime, social unrest or political developments. Its  social media monitoring module generates intelligence which can be critical in decision making - both for security incident response as well as crisis management  in the face of any breaking controversy involving the company.

Travel Risk Management:

The tool facilitates tracking your travelers across the world as needed, with due regards to privacy, through the GPS and online/mobile-phone communications modules. Use the  GIS-based guiding system for route decision making and planning. Communicate real time travel alerts and safety information of developing events to travelers, and provide incident response by activating contingency plans by the click of a mouse.

Asset Risk Management & Business Continuity Planning:

Global asset integration of facilities, mobile assets and supply chains on this single platform. Create and embed customized situation specific business continuity plans for pre-specified threat scenarios, based on vulnerabilities and risk tolerance metrics backed by quantitative mathematical modelling that is specific to the site and the client operations.

Incident Response & Emergency Communication:

In the event of a crisis, be ready with an emergency notification system in the form of mass notification or one-on-one notifications to your staff. Also, for activating and coordinating security incident response resources anywhere in the world with the click of a mouse, anytime, anywhere.

News & Social Media Monitoring and Crisis Management:

The News & Social Media Intelligence module leveraging the power of crowd sourcing is integrated into this user-friendly platform as a value-add, and is a powerful means of assessing security risks by monitoring ongoing developments. Sentiments expressed in social media feeds can be tracked based on events, issues and locations, and classified as positive, negative and neutral, which gives an opportunity to understand the pulse of the people. This helps particularly in designing crisis management communications around a breaking controversy  by identifying zones of positive reinforcements or the ones for neutralization of negative impacts.

Significantly enough, the SRM platform can help the security department fulfill its strategic as well as tactical functions in a more visible, streamlined and systematic manner for all the stakeholders.

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