Public Policy and Government Affairs

ORKASH provides public affairs services to Government and Business stakeholders, across all levels of policy making and government administration; be it local, regional, or national.

We produce bespoke reports on economic and policy trends and conduct studies on the Government of India initiatives; through qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, and using primary and secondary intelligence. Through our publications, we seek to promote strategic thinking for policy solutions; and to provide opportunities for policy advocacy on specific initiatives or legislation.

Our focus areas are:

  • Public Safety & Security
  • Homeland Security, Geo-politics and International Influence
  • Smart Cities and Safe Cities
  • Disaster Management
  • Inclusive Growth & Socio-cultural underpinnings of economic growth

Research and Policy Analysis

Our team of analysts conducts research on policy initiatives - examining how the policies work in relation to their prescribed goals; and assessing how different policies could impact corporate interests.

Our analysis of policy is not only descriptive - explaining policies and their developments through the complicated legislative process of India - but we identify potential deficits between a policy and its objective, and provide recommendations and alternative proposals through evidence based research and big-data scale analytics.

We also explain the contextual factors of the legislative process - looking at the socio-cultural factors, the economic and business forces at play, and provide the historical analysis.

Government and Legislative Engagement

We engage with legislators and parliamentarians from several mainstream political parties - this enables us to gather authentic political insight into the most important policies which are being debated today in India.

These networks we cultivate can generate  real intelligence that cannot be gained from open sources.
We also interact with state legislators and officials from autonomous constitutional bodies, which gives us a clearer picture of what is occurring on the ground.

Key Stakeholder Mapping

We examine the processes involved in policy-making and map out the important stakeholders - identifying the key players who can impact on policy, but who also would be affected by a particular policy.

We strike to explain the role and influence of stakeholders within the policy process; and categorize stakeholders in terms of power, and whether there are competing stakeholder claims.

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