Social Media Intelligence & OSINT

ORKASH Labs, the Cognitive AI R&D wing that we are incubating, is a pioneer in the field of big-data scale analytics and deep mining of social media for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). ORKASH's cognitive platform is the only such system in the world with the cognitive engines for Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) of Asian Languages, including languages from India, Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The ORKASH cognitive analytics platform and its mining engines can be used to harness the power of social media OSINT in the following domains :

Policing Social Unrest and Public Law & Order Management

The proliferation of Social media, especially through the ubiquitous mobile phone, coupled with bursting population in urban areas, poses an unprecedented challenge as well as an opportunity for Law Enforcement agencies across the world. Social media provides a powerful communication platform for organising protest and civil unrest; on the other hand it can give government and police agencies with the means for real time intelligence, and, more importantly, the ability to intimately understand the ‘pulse and mood’ of the people.

Competitive Advantage and Consumer Intelligence

Companies, brands and organizations across the globe are increasing their efforts to understand social media trends. For the era of gut instinct, to estimate personal preferences, may be all but over. Deciphering social media trends, backed by analytical tools, is the new dawn. Social media, the new buzz word in the marketing world, has given an unprecedented level of voice to customers and potential customers, and as a result can provide companies with deep insights regarding customer views, opinions, sentiments, behaviour and buying trends. By observing and mining social media, it is possible to create customers and competitive intelligence of unparalleled accuracy and quality.

Political Consulting
There seems to be a quiet but tectonic shift happening in how future election campaigns would be conducted in Democracies. Social media is at the centre of this shift, just as the TV and its local language news channels emerged as the change catalyst in countries like India to USA, for what issues gather the political storm for the masses in community after community, week after week.

Thus, Social media revolution in the political space is real, tangible and accelerating. The electoral verdicts will increasingly be shaped and heavily influenced by the common man’s views, discussions, debates and awakening on the social media, be it FB, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram or You Tube, et all.

ORKASH social media Intelligence solutions provide granular inputs on the nature of the political narrative on the social media and the Internet (Web 2.0 & Web 3.0), and the influences and networks at work.

Our solutions for political parties are designed to be adaptive at the algorithmic layer to take into consideration the socio-cultural context and the ideological drivers.   We have developed solutions for national level political operations-rooms to dashboards that monitor 24x7 particular issues/themes, individual leadership personalities and the influence networks.

Additionally, we have designed our solutions to be in full compliance with legal frameworks and privacy considerations. Our solutions/services are only provided to mainstream political parties.

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