Welcome to the ORKASH blog.

There are scores of company blogs out there, so why add one more ?  Why should you be here, reading it?

Many reasons.  Please read on.

ORKASH as a brand aspires to be first-of-a-kind global platform in the field of intelligence, analytics and operational risk management. The ability to generate intelligence and to predict and mitigate risk is therefore emerging as our niche capability. Concurrently, the organization is also maturing in the practices of Market & Competitive Intelligence, Business Assurance, Geo-political & Trade Intelligence, Defence and Homeland Security, Public Policy, and Political Consulting. Working in verticals as  diverse as this, we often want to propagate what we are ‘thinking and innovating’ but there is never enough time or scope to communicate.  Hence, the timely idea of  this  blog.

This blog is a platform for ORKASH to share its narrative. It is hoped that we are able to proliferate awareness in the  domains of intelligence, risk, business analytics and public policy. This new outlook would enhance opportunity creation, security and prosperity, at the local, national and corporate level. In turn, this experience would also serve as a fulfilling corporate social responsibility of ORKASH.

Further, ORKASH  Lab has created some first-of-a-kind technologies and analysis frameworks that automate the intelligence creation process for the internal and the external environment of an enterprise.  This process has been enabled by creating customized business applications and services,  that are beyond the scope of mainstream management resources and systems.  Through this blog, we want to share this innovation experience with you.

We hope this blog will accord a new way to think concepts  and to find more stakeholders to share them with.  Team ORKASH also believes that the blog will let us develop and share ideas more easily and more quickly, than publishing a journal or a newsletter.

Most importantly, we aim to elicit feedback and debate on what we blog. Is it a good idea? Are the arguments compelling?  Alternatively, does the concept make a good blog post, but nothing more?   Or might it actually be a futuristic proposal that needs to be followed up with more thorough research? If it is worthy of greater attention, by us or someone else, maybe discussion on the blog can help to shape the study by identifying pitfalls or key challenges.

So, come one, come all.  You hear us out.  We will reach out to you. Should we say, a Win – Win interaction.

So the expedition begins.